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Welcome to Hamster Kombat Official Chat New era of gaming starts here! Announcement Channel: Play: @hamster_kombat_bot

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  • °$łąťë༒ 05:52

    Check my bio and click on the link to get daily Combo and cipher update.

  • Bashari Turaki 05:52
    Bashari Turaki Play gemz with me and earn coins! 🏆+2.5K coins as a first-time bonus 💎+50K coins if you have Telegram Premium

  • Afaq bsc 05:54
    Afaq bsc

    Yes. But always save some coins for combos for more coins to get more pph points

  • Dr. Dilshod 🕋🤲🛸 05:54
    Dr. Dilshod 🕋🤲🛸

    Hamster,we know that airdrop will depend on pph, but if pph is more, its harder to increase it, for example, if someone has 700k, he gets 100 bucks, but if someone has 800k, he would get 200 bucks, is it right?

  • Malachi 05:55

    Someone should answer me. Can I have more than one hamster account?

  • Fabulous Icon 05:57
    Fabulous Icon

    Admin have connected my severally, and still does not reflect on my Ton space under connected apps

  • Igor Semenovich 05:58
    Igor Semenovich Играй со мной, стань генеральным директором криптобиржи и получи токены через аирдроп! 💸 2k монет в качестве первого подарка 🔥 25k монет, если у тебя есть Telegram Premium

  • MØMMY'S ẞØï 05:58

    So in all pph is more important than coin balance due to airdrop

  • Joyce Ejoba 05:59
    Joyce Ejoba

    At the moment , License Indonesia 🇮🇩 seems to be the best card to purchase . It has an amazing profit per hour



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