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  • Dp 06:31

    You're very lucky. In Italy you need pay taxes also for what you are breathing 😅

  • Rallo Fungo 06:33
    Rallo Fungo

    It happen we someone else(other seller) see you beat his price, so they make a fake invoice in order to delist yours for 1h, Gomining know about this issues and exploit but doesn't do anything to fix it or help it.

  • Rallo Fungo 06:35
    Rallo Fungo

    Very true and the energy is so expencive that running a physical miner is not that profitable.

  • Stef Bnc 06:38
    Stef Bnc

    If you don't want to mine anymore, I'll buy your account, I'm not a scam, don't waste my time



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